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> Unfortunately, the public schools then become the
> battleground of ideologies, in the same way that government-run media
> becomes the first target of any would-be revolutionary junta. Politics
> rules the schools, and education suffers.

I understand the point, but think that stating it the way that you do
implies the possibility of a better alternative. 

I myself am a reformed school voucher, get the government off our back kind
of guy. 

Personal frame of reference - 

My youngest first cousin - the product of the identical public schools as
myself - ends up in an Iowa city because of her husband's university
affiliation, spends 2 years as a desperately out-of-place New Yorker and 2
years later wins the election as head of the city's School Board, with no
particular agenda beyond  - let's make things work the best we can within
the limits of available resources and accommodating diverse sensibilities on
topics of sensitivity as best we can.  

Its legit.

And I guess that if Microsoft wants to undertake a campaign to suggest that
their business agenda and the realization of my son's potential are
cosmically related, I should, since I don't particularly admire the
organization welcome their right to spend good money to make themselves 



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