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Chuck writes -

> That's what the Harvard president in trouble, but the
> numbers are in his favor. It would be nice to figure all this out
> someday.

I didn't follow it very closely, but I think the Harvard president deserves
to be in a little trouble.  Because even if he is right, he is wrong. The
broad statistics don't really matter, I don't think. It certainly wouldn't
justify making a math class a locker room. So it soen't get us anywhere. 

The statistics I am pretty sure of is that I have better math aptitude than
2 of my 3 sisters.  What does that tell us?

And of the two sisters who I consider myself to have better math aptitude  -
one outscored me the last time we went bowling.  That was 35 years ago.  And
it's no accident it's the last time we went bowling ;).


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