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Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sun Oct 9 16:40:23 CEST 2005

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> From: Laura Creighton [mailto:lac at strakt.com]
> This isn't a problem for men to solve as men.  It is a problem for
> educators to solve, as educators.  

Well  - let me be the reactionary, again.

With some reference back to David's point about "social engineering" and its
deleterious effect on education.

There is a long history of literature on the subject of the inevitable
destructiveness of just these kinds of engineering efforts - mostly an
outgrowth of the intellectual minority mustering some effort to confront the
intellectual majority's pussyfooting on subjects like Marxism.

Educators have done enough harm to boys already by trying to solve these
problems (in an atmosphere of duress), and more abstract, but real, harm to
girls as well.

More efforts will bring us more of the same.

As a good reactionary, I actually wish we could - for the good of all - roll
things back a bit.

But will settle for a moratorium.

A good, long moratorium.



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