[Edu-sig] Microsoft's KPL

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Sun Oct 9 17:54:43 CEST 2005

> Moratorium, at least until we get our heads on straight.
> Art

OK, Art, much clearer that time.  Amazing what a change in frequency will

I want to back up and start earlier:  there's not really a problem here,
with women and math.  They're good at it, period.  In all dimensions.  They
just have a different trick set than boyz, because, like boyz, they've been
around the block a number of times, but a lot of them were different blocks.

We're not two species, as biologists understand the term, but those from
Venus from Mars type books sell well for a reason:  we're a somewhat
different mix of ethnologies, on top of being different genetically.  

We're rather different distros of a same OS (however, the same could be said
for ourselves as individuals -- we're unique on several different levels,
yet have in common our human nature (although existentialists argued against
there being one)).

As a boy, I'm looking at a different rebalancing act:  CS infuses math with
new blood, changing its sex appeal in the process, and pretty much erasing
the so-called "gender gap" -- however at a cost of making what boyz and
girlz learn tomorrow, in terms of content-wise distance from what you
learned when you and I were little, pretty vast.  GPS starting 2nd grade,
with earth.google.com.  Stellarium.  Celestia.  You and I picked it up from
reading, then looked up and saw light pollution and forgot the
constellations.  We were ignorant, and then we died.



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