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> As a boy, I'm looking at a different rebalancing act:  CS infuses math
> with
> new blood, changing its sex appeal in the process, and pretty much erasing
> the so-called "gender gap" -- however at a cost of making what boyz and
> girlz learn tomorrow, in terms of content-wise distance from what you
> learned when you and I were little, pretty vast.  GPS starting 2nd grade,
> with earth.google.com.  Stellarium.  Celestia.  You and I picked it up
> from
> reading, then looked up and saw light pollution and forgot the
> constellations.  We were ignorant, and then we died.

Can't quite make you out, but do suspect that we remain on very different

In my world, we forgot to give enough attention to what, for example, a Mr.
Felix Klein (1849-1925) was trying to tell us.  

We in fact consistently misread, misunderstand, misrepresent and misapply
the potential of the best of the past to inform and map the future.

In my program, we correct that mistake - letting the gender chips fall where
they may, but strongly suspecting - done correctly (i.e. beautifully) they
will fall where they should and to everyone's satisfaction.

I have no place for GPS in my program.


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