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> knowing what time it is in Tokyo, when it's midnight in New York
> (reflexively, like the multiplication table used to be) -- so you don't
> wake
> someone asleep, so you don't miss your plane to OSCON or whatever.

What time it is in Tokyo, when it's midnight in New York?

Outside the context the concept of the history of our confrontation with
time and timekeeping, you are talking about trivialities.

When my students have begun to understand something of the hidden depth
connected to these questions, as for example as presented interestingly  in

"Einstein's Clocks, Poincare's Maps - Empires of Time" by Peter Galison 2003

and only then, might I allow a one word answer to the question of what time
is it in Tokyo?

Do you understand what time it is in Tokyo?

According to whom?


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