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> > Yes, and all highly ethnographic and not necessarily relevant history to
> > others on this list, either.
> Well you've just earned  a "fuck you".
> Fuck you.
> I never thought it was, but you specifically asked for the
> autobiographical
> content. So I gave it to you
> The content of relevance is intellectual. I can't help that you don't
> comprehend it.

The fact that most of what I have tried to read of Fuller sounds to me like
ego-centric gibberish - in the course of this discussion I looked in again
at the Grunch book and find it mostly unreadable, and to the extent
comprehensible, not worth comprehending because it only states the obvious
in unobvious ways  ---

I toss it off to the fact that I have not made enough of an effort to study
the man's thought to be in a position to say much, and my definite
impressions - though there - are not been worthy of mention.

Take a clue.


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