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Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Wed Oct 12 03:16:51 CEST 2005

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> > >office in Switzerland - where the timekeeping action has always been  -
> <hushed whisper>
> Wait a minute, isn't Kirby secretly Swiss?  Or was that Bill Mahrer (HBO)?
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> Uh, ok, not so secret then.
> </hushed whisper>

More ethnographic irrelevancy?  Great.  

;) (I think, see below)

The most accomplished and devoted clocksmith within my frame of reference is
an old friend, and high school teacher.

He would expose his industrial arts students to some of this craft and his
passion for it, until he was closed down and retrained into a craftless and
passionless Java teacher.

Which I guess is progress to the extent we insist on measuring progress in
terms of technological content, and weight technological content by year,
such that anything from 2000 and before is multiplied by Zero.


>From Kirby's follow-up measure to my blowing my cool, I am suspecting that
he did not mean to berate me for offering the (irrelevant to the list)
information he had asked me to offer.  So I accept the probability that
there was a misunderstanding involved. 

But at least we learned the further irrelevant fact of the kind of thing of
which I am capable.  

But certainly not generally in response to criticism of the irrelevancy of
something I might post  - except should it come from someone who asked me to
post it.


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