[Edu-sig] Microsoft's KPL

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Wed Oct 12 06:30:00 CEST 2005

> From Kirby's follow-up measure to my blowing my cool, I am suspecting
> that he did not mean to berate me for offering the (irrelevant to the 
> list) information he had asked me to offer.  So I accept the probability 
> that there was a misunderstanding involved.

Exactly right.  I was saying:  look, your background as former CP
indoctrinated or whatever can't possibly be common knowledge to people on
this list (we simply mustn't presume this shared context/namespace) and so
please, in future, if at all possible, supply ample autobio and fleshing
out, especially when asking for moratoria or fatwahs, as we cannot possibly
be expected to just absorb such context from the ether, as if every
intellectual alive "just knows" what Marxism is about etc. etc.  

Forty years ago maybe, but not now.  Not even then (a lot of innocent people
got caught in the cross-fire and *still* don't know what hit 'em).

So what I'm saying is, again:  autobio is NOT irrelevant.  That's why I've
been offering mine, that's why I encourage you to keep offering yours.  My
"not of interest to the list" was not a put-down, just meant "this is not
shared background, not everybody-knows stuff."  

You need to fill us in.  

You need to see that as your responsibility, and no one else's.  I think you
leave too much out, try too hard to be pithy.  We can't be expected to

That's all I was saying.


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