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Sun Sep 18 23:33:43 CEST 2005

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> > My other problem is this:
> >
> > Did somebody forgot to mention to me, pre-Python2.2, that the language
> was
> > missing a fundamental construct for the proper configuration of the
> proper
> > API framework?
> Apparently many programmers felt this lack, including Guido, and added the
> missing capability.

Can you please support your statement! 

Guido added properties to the language. No doubt. He says they are about
"managed attributes". His example in the original presentation of the use of
properties was quite narrow. In fact it was only in referring back to it
that I feel I began to get my head on straight about what properties were
really intended to be about (IMO).

I believe I am interpreting his purpose much more carefully then are you.  

You feel otherwise.

We are in Lit class arguing interpretation, the author's intent. Some
authors successfully use ambiguity to their advantage.  Perhaps there is a
good deal here.  But in this milieu I can't believe a straight forward
reading of the author's stated intent - which is where I feel I am - is
without merit.

Maybe the cigar is just a cigar.

> To answer your question:  yes, no one thought to tell you -- not clear
> what
> that'd have accomplished.  It's your responsibility to read the PEPs.
> > And allowed me go about my business of constructing improper API
> > frameworks - because that is what the language supported.
> >
> > Is it the same somebodies who jump at me when I question the new Python
> > who would have jumped at me if I had questioned the old?  It often seems
> > so.
> You're free to raise objections at any point along the way, no?  Others
> do,
> and often in tones less dark and paranoid, which is probably why they
> sometimes get more attention.

I am dark and paranoid when I confront what I (rightly or wrongly) interpret
as some form of group think.  There are reasons for it.  Apologies.


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