[Edu-sig] Brute force solutions

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> My approach to teaching about phi is by asking kids to draw
> construction #78
> http://mondragon.angeltowns.net/paradiso/Construcciones.html

That would be more my approach as well.

My learning theory - yes I am repeating myself - is that it is absolutely
disorienting and ineffective to loose all sense of history when approaching
these things.  

It is great to get to the algorithmics, but we can't get there effectively
by skipping over 30 centuries of history.

Start by drawing pictures in the sand. But certainly don't stop there.

And there comes appoint when there are no pictures in the sand to be drawn.
The necessary pictures became too complex.  Mathematicians - 17th century,
say  - began drawing the pictures in their head.  But they were in fact
still drawing pictures.

With computers we can begin to draw those pictures, and better pick their
brains.  That's essentially what PyGeo is about.


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