[Edu-sig] Edubuntu

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 03:56:39 CEST 2006

So I'm downloading an edubuntu image in preparation for burning to CD.
 I'm feeling motivated to bone up on a Linux distro advertised to
school children, as free and open source, and as customizable to
whatever unicode language.

What sort of snake's nest do we get, and how might we enhance it?  I
need to do more homework on this question.

On this list, we've many times come back to the "edu distro" idea, but
Python-centric.  And yet how free of an underlying operating system
might such a distro really be?

I think it's easier, with Linux at least, to get what you need right
into the Linux distro CDs, suggesting at least one popular Pythonic
education package could be, well, edubuntu itself.

That doesn't mean repurposing edubuntu of course, just expanding the
balloon with more custom Python stuff, e.g. PyGeo with whatever
tutorials are ready.  So already we're talking about IDLE, which
requires Tk, and VPython.  I'm guessing the current edubuntu is

Art, you wrote:

Worth noting that ubuntu has just come out with a companion edubuntu
distribution.  Haven't explored it yet.  I do know I have the goal of
getting PyGeo into it at some point - but that would mean getting myself
comfortable with PyGeo.
[ http://mail.python.org/pipermail/edu-sig/2005-October.txt ]

What I've not yet found in any Linux distro is a working VRML or 3XD
plug-in for FireFox, like Cortona on Windows.  I'm probably out of
date on this topic.  I'll go read Wikipedia:


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