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> >> Sorry that more Python folks don't seem to get what I am 
> >trying to do 
> >> and find some way to get behind it.
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> >> Art
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> >I understand your commitment to keeping it potentially 
> >playful is high, and that's a big positive.
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> >Having two cars approach a third in opposing lanes on the 
> >freeway, and seeing how that defines a triangle of changing 
> >shape, or doing the same with four airplanes to see a 
> >tetrahedron:  that's all worthwhile animation.

The problem between you and I, I think, - and this has been true for 5 years
and everyone has a perfect right to be bored with it - is semantic, most
fundamentally because when you say geometry and I say geometry I think we
are talking about largely different things.  Fuller has not influenced  me,
and Klein has not influenced you.  With the further difference that I happen
to think there is a right and wrong answer to the question of whose
influence we should be following most closely in an acceptable pedagogical
approach to the subject matter.  And perhaps the other difference is the
fact that I tend to recognized more than you, that there is such a thing as
right and wrong answers.


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