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> >The breakthrough consists of nesting polyhedra (an ancient 
> >game) such that whole number volumes emerge, thanks to new 
> >emphasis on the tetrahedron as the most topologically 
> >primitive volume (spheres, in the other hand, aren't defined 
> >as such, as it's a discrete geometry with no continuaa, no 
> >solids that we're talking here).

Klein considered the tetrahedron the most topologically primitive volume -
as I think I demonstrated to you by direct quote. Its like literally Page 1
of the book of his I reference on my site. He quickly also makes the
connection to interesting analytics and abstraction from this ground.

Unless we have a semantic disconnect.

Or unless you haven't conducted the study to truly understand some of the
historical development of the ideas floating about here.

"New" is a suspicious word, not a sacred word, in my lexicon - in any case.


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