[Edu-sig] Properties use case

Dethe Elza delza at livingcode.org
Thu Apr 6 20:03:36 CEST 2006

The last thing I want is to start up this thread again, but I have not
been paying attention to edu-sig for awhile and when I came back I
found some things I need to address.

> > Yes, I know, I read that.  I'm not questioning that you know this.
> > You asked what problems from a CS viewpoint there would be.  I told
> > you.  You don't like it, don't ask.
> Its not that I'm a bad guy.

I know that, and have never called you one.  I tried to address a
specific issue, i.e.:

Arthur to Kirby:
    Are you a CS type? If so, speak directly.

    If not, why do you feel compelled to speak on their behalf.

Sorry if I'm mis-reading that, but it looks to me like "shut up,"
which I find offensive, even if Kirby doesn't.  Perhaps it bothered me
more because of this other recent posting:

Arthur to Vern:
    Are you an appointed or self-appointed redactor of all that is Turtle in the
    world of Python?

Which again, appears to be more of an attack than any attempt to move
the conversation forward.  Maybe that is just me?

> Must be that I'm just stupid.

You and I and the rest of the list know you are not stupid, so why

> I still don't understand what I have been told from a CS standpoint.

Well, I was trying to give a short answer, but others have since
chimed in with more detailed explanations far better than mine, so I
will leave this alone.

> Beyond that one Computer Scientist doesn't particularly like me.

I assume you mean me, but rest assured that I do like you.  If I
didn't, I would not have bothered.

> But I knew that already, as well.

That's too bad, and I feel like my communications have failed rather
completely if you believe that.

> Art

So, Art, I apologize for my poor communications with you.  Obviously
what I've had to say did not come across the way I intended it, and
I'm sorry for that.  I don't bear you any ill will, and I certainly
don't care one way or the other how you implement complex numbers in
your apps. It was also a mistake on my part to try to address both a
communication issue on your part that I had trouble with at the same
time as addressing the question you had about your code--I should have
separated those issues (or just not gone there at all).  I certainly
did not intend to come across as condescending or rude to you.

I hope we can move on now (and not awaken the mutable-complex permathread).


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