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> > CS and hard science and Alice being mentioned as an alternative.
> >
> Willamette University is offering an art major centered around
> computers.  For a lot of kids, the big question is:  how do I get a
> job making Shrek type movies or with Industrial Light and Magic.  They
> hear (correctly) that it has something to do with computers.  Don't
> get in their way with your Python, if it ain't relevant.
> Kirby

So you argree that Alice is overreaching and out-of-line with a statement like

Carnegie Mellon Collaborates with EA to Revolutionize And Reinvigorate 
Computer Science Education in the US

- that its usefullness, if any, should be more narrowly defined.  

Nice we agree.

Perhaps the problem that Alice faces is the fact that it has been made obsolete at its home 
at CMU which is specifially geared toward the education of the kinds of kids you describe. 
By Panda3d.  For which - it happens - Python is quite relevant. And whose developers rejected
some pressure at Disney, where it was developed, to use Squeak instead of Python.

The tact (or tactic) of Alice is simple to define:

Since Alice has no defensbile basis to claim anything, it may as well claim everything.

And goes about doing so.

Always has.

Would cardcarrying members of the Mysterium lie to us? ;)



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