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> > So you argree that Alice is overreaching and out-of-line with a 
> statement like
> >
> Alice is not big on my radar.  

Glad to hear it.

> It's not even a Python project.  

It is brought up here and now specifically in the context of it having been noted
at U of Mich as competition to and with a Python project, in fact one funded by the PSF.

Are comments by me, here going to influence outcomes.  

Probably not.  Worth a shot? What's to lose.

> When
> it comes to protecting the integrity of CS from watering down, I look
> to people stronger than you to fight the dumbing down influences.

One would hope. 


Let me leave that at that.

> I think you'd have more fun making inroads with Pygeo, and stop being
> so distracted by APIs you dislike.  No one is asking you to use 
> them. 
> Build a boat that floats, don't waste time poking holes in other
> peoples' boats.

Gardening season begins, and PyGeo is second fiddle to it.  

But I do hope to announce here a shot at the Pudge generated API docs linked to
source  up on the Web within a few days.

>From there its a matter of finalizing a bundled sciTE-based editing environment.  
Then it's a short step to conquering the world.

What claims should I make for it??

It's fandubalis!

Cures gingivitis!

"""Kirby Urner says...                           """

How about a quote I can use , Kirby.


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