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On Apr 11, 2006, at 1:19 PM, Scott David Daniels wrote:

> One idea I had some time ago is using Python for visualizations.
> In particular, I once built an iterator-based visualization of DB
> query processing (based on old collaborative work with my erstwhile
> office-mate Bennet Vance) that makes it visually obvious that query
> processing re-arrangements produce dramatically different query
> processing speeds.  It was a Tkinter-based thing, and if enough CS
> teachers (let's say, two) are interested, I'll go dredge up the code
> (which involves dissecting a dead laptop) and prep it for reading.
> The delay should be a week or so.
love that idea, and I would be happy to help as I'm going to start  
talking about query processing in a week or so.

I really like using algorithm visualizations for data structures  
class.  I think it really helps the students get at the main ideas in  
the the algorithms.  I made some additions to Guido's program  
sortvisu.py that comes with the Tkinter demos in the python distro  
for my data structures class this Spring.  sortvisu.py is a nice  
program for the student to use to see visually how the different  
sorting algorithms compare.

The version that comes with the distribution was missing shell sort  
and merge sort so I added those two.  Maybe more interesting that the  
sort functions themselves was the nice array class that made it easy  
to add new algorithms, and would probably be useful for more than  
just sorting algorithms.  If people are interested I would be happy  
to post my new version of sortvisu.py.

One of my colleagues here at Luther also made a nice little Tkinter  
program for creating graphs and then visualizing some graph algorithms.


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