[Edu-sig] Shuttleworth Summit

Toby Donaldson tjd at sfu.ca
Fri Apr 21 19:41:42 CEST 2006

> Has anybody looked at http://processing.org?  They have a very small
> but beautiful and easy to use development system for writing graphics
> programs.  It's what inspired my Python version: http://stratolab.com/
> misc/makebot/

I've looked at it briefly in the past, and it seemed to me to be just
a very Java-like language with some built-in graphical helper objects.
I assumed it was designed for teaching basic graphical composition
concepts to university-level fine arts students, and that its major
appeal is the high-quality of the visuals produced by the graphical
helper objects.

I do agree that Squeak has a tremendous learning curve for someone
already familiar with mainstream programming, or who wants to do much
beyond the standard demos (as nice as they are). I would love to see
eToys in Python.

Dr. Toby Donaldson
School of Computing Science
Simon Fraser University (Surrey)

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