[Edu-sig] Bootable Python CDs?

Grégoire Dooms dooms at info.ucl.ac.be
Thu Apr 27 09:32:49 CEST 2006

Paul Fernhout wrote:

> I previously wrote:
>> > Then you would have a custom Python which would be useful for wandering 
>> > faculty (assuming the admins let you reboot the machine, and it was 
>> > configured to allowing booting from removable media).
> I just noticed this:
>     http://wiki.python.org/moin/PythonCd
> "Welcome to your Python CD! This is a bootable CD based on [Debian 
> GNU/Linux and KNOPPIX. The special thing about it is that it has lots of 
> Python stuff!"
> Anyone used it?

I did not try that one but developped my own a few years ago:

It is  a morphix mainmodule which is easily complemented by minimodules.
I have been using it since to teach Python to adults. 
The CD includes  VPython, Jython, mysql, Boost.Python, etc...
I gets a little old now and would need a upgrade (Python 2.3, some newer 
network cards not supported). 
> I'm curious: is it even practical to expect to walk into most modern 
> educational computer lab in a typical school and expect to be able to 
> reboot all the computers to run from your own Python CD? Do people's 
> school computer labs typically allow a boot from removable media?

At the place where I use this CD, they disable USB but let me boot from 
the CD.

Grégoire Dooms.

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