[Edu-sig] re-doing GvR in xturtle

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 22:41:36 CEST 2006

I'm definitely interested André.  Crunchy Frog could become an
important tool for my Saturday Academy classes and/or Winterhaven
classes (two venues where I've taught Python to pre-college youth),
other classes for adults.

I explored with an earlier version.  I'll see what I can do to get up
to speed with your latest.  Will there be a way to share interactive
sessions independently of the Crunchy Frog platform?  I presume so.
Adapting existing templates is the easiest way to learn a new form.


> Who is interested in writing a short mini-tutorial (it can be a single html page, a
> few screen long) on a topic of interest to you, that would involve the reader into
> trying out the code (even if it's simply executing it by clicking button, but ideally
> should suggest trying out changes, etc.) and which could be included in
> Crunchy's distribution?

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