[Edu-sig] Appreciating Crunchy Frog

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Thu Aug 24 16:18:14 CEST 2006

Crunchy Frog is cool!

Must be, since even grouchy Arthur thinks so.

To me the attraction is not so much "web-based" - at least any more than 
the attraction of something like html docs is that they are necessarily 
web-based - in the sense of Web  as in  Net, as in Remote. is cool too.

Don't think that the computer obsoletes text as the primary vehicle for 

And it seems pretty clear that reading straight text documents via 
computer has *disadvantages* over the dead tree approach.

And in fact most web based interactive learning efforts I have seen seem 
lame to me.

See Not Pi.


I do not see too much more than that in javascript turtles that folks 
seem to find so exciting.

But I, and most everybody else, appreciate the fact that hyperlink 
technology for documentation - as an example -can add a level of truly 
useful functionality to text documents.

Seeing Crunchy embedded in, and extending, a substantive text document 
as in the Crunchy .7  mini-howto helps me understand and appreciate its 
usefulness in extending text documents.  Here, existing "how to" docs 
were extended with Crunchy.  If they were written from scratch with 
embedded Crunchy they might have taken a slightly different approach.  
Might be a while before the possibilities here get appropriately shaped.

Why is all the cool stuff being done by us "hobbyists"? 


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