[Edu-sig] OLPC (was FYI: PataPata postmortem link)

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Fri Dec 1 00:01:31 CET 2006

On Wed Nov 29 16:17:12 CET 2006, Bert Freudenberg bert wrote: 
> On Nov 29, 2006, at 16:06 , Tom Hoffman wrote: 
> > 
> > I would point out that writing educational software for people who 
> > don't have computers isn't very useful either, and that once kids have 
> > computers (on a common, free platform) there's a lot more incentive to 
> > write educational software for them. 
> Exactly my reasoning - OLPC is going to be a common, free platform, 
> so it should be plenty of incentive. Yet, little is happening. 
There may be little _visible_ activity, but not everything is discussed 
and planned on edu-sig. ;-) 
Still, your concerns are valid. It may be that the OLPC program needs to 
reach out further to certain interested parties. 

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