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Thu Dec 21 23:49:35 CET 2006

Paul writes - 
>  And your PyGeo
> http://pw1.netcom.com/~ajs/
> is a great example of that kind of constructivist tool Alan Kay 
> and 
> Seymour Papert and so on would admire as a Geometry Microworld. 

But the fact remains that the only thing I have be willing to say about PyGeo with any sense of definiteness
 is that *building* it was an extraordinary learning experience.

Though I am confident that just the right person, at just the right time, with just the right background, and 
just the right motivation would gain much from exploring and using it.

And it is waiting for that person to find, just at that right time.

Thanks to modern technology.

And a supply chain concept, where I know that my learning experience was dependant on the *free* in many senses of the word 
availilbilty of others' contributed intellectual property, leaving me little moral choice other than to try to feed that supply.

*That* did not start at Xerox, as far as I know.

And goes a lot more to the essence of how we might possibly manage to get from here to there than does keyword syntax issues, for

I think you are correct as seeing Python as both a manifestation of that energy source, and as a contributor to it, in good turn.

And are right to be intrigued.

It seems most probably true that my own educational philosophy, and that, say, of Guido's may have little to nothing in common.

Shouldn't matter, and - as far as I am concerned - it has come to not matter. 

Can't believe Squeakland can ever evolve there, and so that it can never play in the same way.

Too bad for Squeakland.

Playing is good.

For children of all ages.


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