[Edu-sig] whitespace and newlines and seperators ... oh my

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Fri Feb 3 16:28:50 CET 2006

Arthur wrote:

>More surprising was the html colorizing problem.  The colorizing code 
>relies on tokenize.py from the standard library - which keeps choking on 
>code that compiles and runs fine by Python.  So I go to tabnanny.py, 
>which is seems to be there exactly to diagnose these kinds of issues.  
>But one of the symptoms of the problem is that tabnanny (i.e tokenize) 
>is parsing the file in such a way that it is reporting back line numbers 
>that don't correspond to the code when viewed in a text editor.
More positive note - finding tabnanny.py.  Never understood what it was 
and why it was there before.

But when I find myself putting print statements into tokenize.py library 
code, I just sense - having been around a while - that Python doesn't 
want me to be resorting to this and probably has a battery included that 
is more appropriate.  Which is when I backed off and found tabnanny.


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