[Edu-sig] whitespace and newlines and seperators ... oh my

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Fri Feb 3 18:03:42 CET 2006

> >Turns out (I think) - this took be a while - that tokenize 
> >seems to be trying to parse things between triple quoted 
> >strings, and since there is a lot of code intended to output 
> >to Povray SDL and formatted for that purpose - it is choking 
> >on whitespace issues (that IMO shouldn't be
> >issues) in that code.
> >

Probably more accurate to think of it as readline reporting to tokenizer in
some unanticipated way. Originally thought this had to do with the way I
tried to play with newlines. Now not so sure - as playing some within the
Povray SDL output code sees to have fixed things. For example I had a line
with nothing more on it than


On purpose.

Moving that to the end of the previous line (I'll live) seemed to get me
past the tokenizer problem for that file.

But of course in moving it up I was also effecting newlines.

So maybe that is what solved it.



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