[Edu-sig] Textbooks

Peter Chase pchase at sulross.edu
Fri Feb 24 21:29:21 CET 2006

I'm teaching some prospective K-12 teachers this summer and propose to 
introduce them to Python.  Reasons are numerous
-   It's the least weird language I know.
-   It offers so many programming styles.
-   And not least, it's free

SO:  Any recommendations as to course textbooks?  Or just go with Zelle 
and/or O'Reilly's latest wood rat book?
-   The students presumably have had programming courses already.
-   I would think that K-12 students would be happier if they could 
generate some graphics.
-   This is a 6-weeks course.  Little leisure time.

Appreciate any advice.

Peter Chase
Sul Ross State University

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