[Edu-sig] SIGCSE 2006 - Special Session on Teaching with Python

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 17:32:40 CET 2006

> Do as you will. And the truth is, I think I do understand a lot of what
> drives Kay, which is perhaps why he is such a Moriarty to me.
> Considering the gap in our technical understandings, I would expect to
> not understand a word he says.  The problem is, I think I understand
> more of it than I should - too much of it in fact. Too me he is guy who
> took one too many hits of some kind of digital acid.
> Whatever.
> Art

I'm not insensitive to your intuitions on that score.  I'm leaving the door
open to reaching a more negative assessment in good time.  For now, I'm open
minded and eager for entertainment.  Of the young who made it to middle age
and beyond, I've so far found many of the acid heads to be worthy candidates
for my attention (maybe you *shouldn't* think of running for president, if
you've never tried LSD).  The grownups who rigorously eschewed anything so
depraved:  their reward is in heaven I suppose.  Some of them are even top

Bottom line:  I welcome diversity, and since Kay is one voice among many,
I'm not especially concerned if he's off on some "wrong track" in some way
(maybe he'll say so himself at some point -- we all zig zag through life,
some with greater amplitude than others).  I'm a liberal after all:  people
should have the freedom to make stupid mistakes, as long as the real costs
are mostly to themselves (not the case with the neocons).

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