[Edu-sig] Any suggestions about turlte.py

Radenski, Atanas radenski at chapman.edu
Tue Feb 28 05:57:47 CET 2006


Thank you for taking care of the turtle.py module. Here are tow

[1] I would suggest a correction of a bug in the fill function of
turtle.py. The statement:

              # self._canvas.lower(item)

should be removed. As it is now, it lowers polygons when filled. This
causes inconsistent behavior because nothing else is lowered. Here is a
suggested the statement in context:

    def fill(self, flag):
        if self._filling:
            path = tuple(self._path)
            smooth = self._filling < 0
            if len(path) > 2:
                item = self._canvas._create('polygon', path,
                                            {'fill': self._color,
                                             'smooth': smooth})

                # Should be removed, because 
                # nothing else is lowered but filled polygons:

                # self._canvas.lower(item)

                if self._tofill:
                    for item in self._tofill:
        self._path = []
        self._tofill = []
        self._filling = flag
        if flag:

[2] A nuisance with this otherwise quite useful module is its behavior
in Windows systems: It tends to *stop responding*. This happens when the
canvas is covered by other graphics for a while, especially in cases
when execution is triggered form the interactive prompt. It would be
great if this problem can be fixed (although I am not sure what can be
done about it.)


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> Hello everyone,
> As a consequence of my complaining about it in my PyCon talk, I have
> been invited to submit some patches for turtle.py. To my mind,
> should be something that one could actually use for some very simple
> "programming with graphics" lessons, with NO tweaking or additional
> software.
> So I think the following would be handy:
> 1. equally usable with either "import * from turtle" or "import
> imports
> 2. should open with a window covering at least half the screen (the
> current default is too small to be useful)
> 3. should offer some simple configuration choices for things like
> initial size and shape, but mostly rely on reasonable defaults
> 4. should offer a class wrapper so that that one could easily
> instantiate different turtles for a first experience with objects.
> 5. some minor tweaks to make it better behaved when run from IDLE
> Does anyone have any feedback on these ideas or any other suggestions
> about how turtle.py might be improved without being fundamentally
> Note: this is about turtle.py only, for all its deficiencies. Any
> suggestions to try another library, system, or language will be
> cheerfully, but resolutely, ignored. ;)
> Cheers,
> Vern Ceder
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