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I thought Calvin loved Hobbes.

You're probably right about your being more mainstream in mathematics.  As I
make clear in my blog, I'm not even a math PhD wannabee, whereas I *am*
actively seeking to credential in American literature, as one of the chief
architects of the emerging Slayer mythology (Buffy, Serenity,... Ultimate

In other words, Fuller School business is leading me more in the direction
of science fiction, with mathematics a layer over that (they teach
Synergetics in Narnia, didn't ya know).  Python, both the logo and the
language, becomes a part of the armour plating (IronPython -- even better).
The Evil Empire is a thralldom of cube and server farms.  We want to help
free the drones to experience more tourism and nonviolent adventure.


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> > So *many* user groups partially overlap in Python.  Your group and
> > mine, for
> > example, whatever that means. I haven't read much Klein yet (nor met
> > Calvin).  Love his bottle.
> Calvin's a swell fellow. Love's horses.  Gotta love a guy who loves
> horses.
> I forget why.
> From my perspective you are more mainstream when it comes to your view of
> the role
> of technology, and I am more mainstream when it comes to my view of
> mathematics.
> Together we could rule the mainstream world.
> boring.
> Art
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