[Edu-sig] Python-Only Moodle?

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 05:12:23 CET 2006

Here's an idea.  Given a lot of us teach Python, plan to, or have ideas for
doing so, if we had shared access to a Python Moodle someplace, we could
develop open source courseware, either as individuals or in teams.

The Algebra with Python stuff I'm doing could be cloned to the new site.
I'm pretty sure the backup zip I'm able to create through the interface,
will restore to another Moodle.  I could easily transfer the content in that
case.  Others could roll their own.

Seems like a good idea (didn't someone already propose this?).  I'm sure
there are plenty of alternatives to Moodle, but so far it seems like a
pretty workable solution to a problem.  It's more vertical market than
Plone, i.e. is built from the ground up with distance education courseware
in mind.

I don't have the server or the time to get a Moodle up and running.  But if
someone in the Python community does, and wants to use edu-sig as a staging
ground and talent pool, I bet we could go places with it.  Lots of new
tutorials, useless python and vaults of parnassus type stuff could be recast
in a more distance education friendly format.

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