[Edu-sig] Python-Only Moodle?

catherine curley catherine.curley at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 22:52:52 CET 2006

Hi to all

Any only new to python and trying to terach myself and introduct my 12 year
old.  Would be very interested in keeping in touch with your ideas but
afraid would not have any input at this stage.  To keep up, should I try to
get into moodle also - please direct me.


On 1/28/06, Dethe Elza <delza at livingcode.org> wrote:
> Kirby wrote:
> > If you feel led, have the time, I think you should set it up and
> > keep tight
> > control of security.  Mete out accounts as you see fit, with the
> > right to
> > revoke.  It's your server and you should treat it as such, not as
> > community
> > property.
> No but my time is quite limited, and there are a handful of people on
> this list I would trust with access if they were inclined to set it
> up.  On the other hand, I've already downloaded it and read through
> the install procedure and it doesn't look too hard either to set up
> or to maintain, so I can take that on.
> > Then the moodles themselves will belong to their authors,
> > internal to the infrastructure you provide, as Dungeon Master (DM).
> Yes, I'm not offereing to open up root access to every member of the
> list forever or anything.
> > PS:  I'm curious about the specs regarding this host.  Do you want
> > to handle
> > the bandwidth that might be needed if word gets out that livingcode
> > has some
> > of the latest and greatest learning materials in the "programming
> > to learn"
> > genre?
> I've only ever used a tiny fraction of the resources of the host.
> Unless python pedagogical materials become the new slashdot (or
> Digg?) they should be more than sufficient.  Video is the only really
> crushing burden for a host, and if they are Creative Commons licensed
> they could be hosted at archive.org and linked from the moodle.
> > Of course if transferring content proves as easy as I hope, then
> > other Python Moodles could pop up to help distribute the work
> > load.  I might
> > even bring one on-line someday, if I ever get a bigger crew together
> > locally.
> I think that one-stop shopping might be better.  I already feel that
> crucial python information is spread too much across multiple Wikis,
> documentation projects, etc.  Which brings me to the next point.
> Brad wrote:
> > Great Idea,  I would also offer www.pythonworks.org/moodle as a home.
> >
> > I have a CS1 course (using Zelle's book) that I can put out on
> > whatever site we decide to use.
> > By May I'll have a CS2 course ready to go.
> Since Brad already has a moodle *and* content for it, and
> pythonworks.org appears to be a fine name for it, I'm perfectly
> willing to go with that.  The offer for a moodle at livingcode still
> stands if we find we need it for any reason (different grade levels,
> more resources, whatever).
> Is everyone OK with this plan (especially Brad)?
> --Dethe
> PowerPoint can make almost anything appear good and look
> professional. Quite frankly, I find that a little bit frightening.
> --David Byrne
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