[Edu-sig] The best way to predict the future...

Michael ms at cerenity.org
Tue Jul 11 23:45:58 CEST 2006

On Tuesday 11 July 2006 19:20, kirby urner wrote:
> But the reality is:  teachers are afraid of Python, of hackers, of
> geekdom, of technology.

No, that's fantasy. They don't even know it exists - that's the more 
fundamental reality, and furthermore, they don't care - in the UK computer 
studies was replaced at GCSE level (ie up to 16 years) with Information 
Technology 15 years ago, eliminating any programming aspect in that age 

Logo barely survives as an irrelevant (to many) cast off of the time. For 
example, the book "Writing Programs" [1] which is aimed at Key Stage 2 (7-11) 
year olds. However, it doesn't actually contain *any* programs. (I picked it 
up out of curiosity to compare with the Usborne books that I learnt about 
programming from originally when I was in that age range...)

At A-Level (roughly equivalent to US highschool), computer studies does 
survive and for some contains some programming, but generally focusses on 
what's available in a database, spreadsheet and sometimes visual basic.

And the teachers? They're not afraid - they don't even know it exists. If you 
think otherwise, then I'm sorry, you're in fantasy land. (To be honest, I 
wish they were afraid, fear is a lot simpler to solve, however complete lack 
of awareness or care? That's *a lot* harder.)

Anyway, my intent isn't to offend, but merely to correct what I see as a major 
misconception (that people are afraid) being portrayed as reality (they don't 
even know python exists).

Personally I'd love to be able to do something about this (people even knowing 
python exists and is usable by even children)... 


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