[Edu-sig] Accessibility to non CS types?

Paul D. Fernhout pdfernhout at kurtz-fernhout.com
Thu Jun 1 01:33:17 CEST 2006

francois schnell wrote:
> Thanks Doug I begin to gather all this on a single page (while testing
> googlepages in the same shot...):
> http://francois.schnell.googlepages.com/patapata

Wow! Beautiful page. Thanks for that and the two new videos.

I'm being mostly quiet because I am mostly coding(*). :-)

--Paul Fernhout
(*) ... coding a TK version. The wx widget dragging bug under GTK (plus 
other comments here including in the graphics library thread) led me to 
question using wx further for this. Yet, I want this thing to be usable 
quicker if people are interested right now than doing all my own widgets 
in something like Cairo (nice as that would be long term). So, throwing 
even more performance to the winds, I'm trying to make a TK version of 
PataPata for easy install since TK comes with Python by default (even on 
the Mac?), better accessibility to what Python programmers already know 
(e.g. your liberlab software is in TK), and hopefully be able to support a 
variety of embedded TK widgets (and Pmw widgets too, etc.). The very first 
PataPata proof of concept was with TK and had Morph copying issues, but 
that was before the properties work for wx, so now, bringing the two 
together, that works (you can now copy a TK button). BUT, I'm stuck on 
intercepting all ALT mouse activity so embedded widgets can be dragged 
without messing with their individual events handlers (which I could do as 
in a try with passing on right click menu events [like I did with the wx 
Button], but is inelegant and may have other problems). New code is in SVN 
at patatpata/trunk/PataPata/ (several files) and you can drag all but the 
Button, and menu interact with all morphs, but the inspector and shell are 
gone for the moment, so a big step backwards at the moment. :-) Not worth 
using, though it would be nice to know if it ran on other people's systems 
if you want to check it out from SVN (the wx version is still there, but 
renamed PataPataViewerWX). But if I *could* get the embedded widgets to 
drag, then I could fairly quickly make and maintain the development GUI in 
itself, as a separate Morph world of wrapped-TK-widgets Morphs. :-) 
Anyway, one Tkinter book later (_Python and Tkinter programming_) plus 
lots of newsgroup reading, and I'm still not sure how to do it correctly. 
Something about writing my own mainloop I think, to get the mouse event 
before the button or other widget does. But I have a few other leads too.

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