[Edu-sig] PySqueak: pyGTK & Cairo & pygtkglext (OpenGL) next?

francois schnell francois.schnell at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 02:38:50 CEST 2006

On 04/06/06, Paul D. Fernhout <pdfernhout at kurtz-fernhout.com> wrote:
> Alt clicking is problematical under Linux because the default (for Gnome?)
> seems to be that alt click will drag the window in the window manager.

D'oh ! I should have thought of that.

I was on KDE (Kubuntu is an Ubuntu distro which is KDE centric).I've just
changed the "Alt"  in "System Settings > Desktop > Window Behavior" and now
its fine :) I'll test later on Gnome and XFCE.

If everything seems OK with you with these fixes, I think I will soon bump
> the version number up to 1.1 and make another file release.

Maybe you could go for a little smaller frame than 850 in height : on a
1024*768 setting I can't catch the the "save button" and it wil help me for
screencasts :)

BTW I just love now the fact that I can drag and reorganize completely all
the elements of the interface (buttons, inspector) in term of position,
size, etc. Cool.

The last
> really annoying thing I know of is that sometimes when you drop a widget
> it continues to drag;

I didn't saw that yet but sometimes (rarely)  on Win & LInux,  if I
alt-click & drag a widget/morph quickly and then if I stop pushing the
alt-key and continue to move the mouse away the morph drop but if I press
the alt key again in the world the morph go to the new position of the
This is not a big problem (at least  for me).

Also, there is flicker in the TreeWidget from how it is used, but I think
> that is livable (I can't find an easy way to freeze it for a while like I
> did under wx).

I think its fine I don't find it disturbing.
On the other-hand on WinOS  if I right-alt-click on a morph  I need to
engage in the menu and "quickly" stop pressing the alt-key (otherwise the
menu is flickering and its difficult to choose an entry of the menu). When
you know it after its fine.

 Lots more to do, but probably OK to put those off for the next release.

Yes, sure :)

> I now it's been a bumpy ride switching widgets toolkits, and I tried to do
> it fast to keep momentum moving on this project.

I like bumpy rides,  flat and straight roads are boring ...

I'm hoping that once the
> system is working well with TK it should be more malleable for more Python
> programmers.

I hope too, BTW I could maybe present your work in the Python section of the
Libre Software Meeting in July in France if you're OK with that and if you
feel it's not too soon.

It's a kind of "big bazaar" in a French University and there's a Python
section too organised by the French Python User Group (AFPY). I could apply
for a small presentation (there maybe won't be a lot of people since there
are lots of // tracks in this meeting but it could interest some python

BTW I can now also change values and method without any problems with your
new version. Well done, time to sleep on this part of the globe,


--Paul Fernhout
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