[Edu-sig] News about turtle graphics

Gregor Lingl glingl at aon.at
Fri Jun 23 00:37:14 CEST 2006

Hi educators!

One of the hardest problems I've encountered upto now
is to decide, when a piece of software is ready to be
be published.

I've decided, that my new turtle graphics module ready
now. A package, which additionally contains some
example scripts. a tiny demoViewer and some documentation
can be downloaded from:


 From now on it's the user community, which will largely
determine the future development of the module. I hope
that it will grow to more than one user (which is me)
soon. (*) And I'm willing to continue development (preferably
in cooperation with others) until it's considered a really
useful tool by the community.

In my opinion it should replace the current turtle.py in
the standard distribution. We will see if others join
me in this respect ...

(Please note, that xturtle.py is a complete reimplementation
of what I've shown to you some ten weeks ago.)

For now I'll not write too much about it, but ask you for
feedback and contributions to a discussion about the module.
(You'll find some more information on the webpage mentioned

However, I'll give a talk at Europython 2006 on July 5th about:

xturtle - an extended turtle module for Python as a vehicle
for teaching programming concepts.

For this, too, your feedback will be welcome. And you'll get
back the slides of the talk ;-)

Gregor Lingl

(*) This hope seems reasonable since I intend to use it in
the forthcoming 2nd edition of "Python für Kids"

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