[Edu-sig] [edupython] News about turtle graphics

Gregor Lingl glingl at aon.at
Fri Jun 23 13:02:22 CEST 2006

Dethe Elza schrieb:
> Hi Gregor,
> I tried it out on OS X and it works great.  There are some very
> beautiful demos.  I will try to dig under the hood at some point and
> see if it would be feasible to replace Tinker with Cocoa
> (conditionally, if the user has PyObjC installed, otherwise it could
> fall back to Tkinter).
Ah fine, please do so - (and keep us informed).
There is one single class, TurtleScreenBase, which contains the 
interface to Tkinter. It was
one of my primary design decisions, to keep this small and isolated. (I 
had in mind e.g. porting
it to Jython). So at first concentrate on that small part of the thing.

Unfortunately this part of the software is still not very well 
documented (albeit it doesn't
contain special intricacies). If you have questions, feel free to ask.

(Of course that doesn't apply to the demoViewer ...)

Best wishes
> Putting it into Javascript would probably be possible, and there is
> even a workaround for <canvas> in IE, but the performance would
> definitely take a hit.
> Great work.  I should take a look at Rur-ple now...
> --Dethe
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