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Andre Roberge schrieb:
> On 3/1/06, Gregor Lingl <glingl at aon.at> wrote:
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> Have you (/they) considered something like Guido van Robot, or RUR-PLE?

When I was younger, in 1986, together with friends I wrote a schoolbook
called "Werkzeug Computer" ("Werkzeug"=tool). Then I implemented a 
version of "Karel the Robot" in Turbo Pascal. It was a complete IDE with 
syntax colouring, visual tracing etc etc. The compiled code was 64k - 20 
bytes approx, which was the utmost limit of Turbo Pascal 3.0 then. It 
was a big success and was used by some Austrian teachers until recently. 
(I think it still can be run in a DOS - Window.)

A short time afterwards I leared to know Logo, and so turtle graphics 
also. Now I find this more rewarding. It provides nearly every advantage
of the Robot plus a lot more freedom and space for new ideas. (*)

If I had the time, I'd like to translate also GvR or RUR_PLE to German,
but now I'm involved in my Turtle-Project and maybe there will be a 
second edition of my book "Python für Kids" - (I well remember, that you 
asked me for an English translation one or two years ago.)

During the last few month together with Mike Müller from Leipzig I've 
completed a (still "raw") translation of "How to think like a computer 
scientist - the Python way" to German.
(German readers may find it here:


and are invited for feedback ...)

You see, I'm really a fan of providing different ways ...

But currently RUR-PLE surpasses my capacities for the moment. If you 
know of a German translation on the way, let me know. Maybe I can put a
short section or at least a hint to it in my book....)

Best wishes

(*) If you tried out my Xturtle-examples you could easily grasp, what
I mean with this.

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