[Edu-sig] Edu-sig Digest, Vol 31, Issue 16

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 16:27:54 CET 2006

> kirby urner
> Kirby - question 1.  Do you understand why your messages are coming to me as
> html? Makes it difficult to reply in normal form.

No, didn't realize.  Using Google's gmail.  How about this one?

When I check the edu-sig archive, my emails look OK.  I'll see what I
can do to fix the problem.

> And if Python educators feel that the Turtle approach is so effective that
> it needs to be part of Python's core, at least make a very overt nod to
> where the ideas are coming from. There are many people out of touch with the
> history here.  It is easy to assume that people can identify Turtle graphics
> with Logo and there is no need for an explicit appreciation. Just not true,
> as of now, and with the intended audience.

Just a nitpicky comment that "Python's core" tends to mean "core
Python" and there's no move to inject a Turtle at that level.  As
close as we get is turtle.py in the Standard Library.  Python's other
turtles are outside even that.

> I personally don't pay a lot of attention to the Logo world, but the only
> reason being that I am not particularly interested in reaching children with
> computers. They seem to be doing fine on there own. But every impression I
> have is that it is a continuing and active community, building- as you say -
> on a long literature and long experience.

The move back to real robots, as in Lego Mindstorms, has been the most
prominent trend I'd say.  I think this will continue, perhaps with
Python as one of the controlling language options.  I hope so.  I have
a segment on that in one of my moodles, but it's not fleshed out yet
(because I don't have the robots).

> Loves .Net, admires Kay, and likes Arthur.  I'm almost concerned ;)


> But don't we demonstrate that 2 people can agree about little, and enjoy and
> respect each other.  Why do you suspect that the same would not be true
> with, for example, Kay?
> Art

He might respect you too for all I know.  Anyway, I expect we'll
continue to maintain rather different positions on a lot of issues.  I
think that's OK with both of us.


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