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Thu Mar 2 20:32:39 CET 2006

> > And if Python educators feel that the Turtle approach is so 
> effective that
> > it needs to be part of Python's core, at least make a very overt 
> nod to
> > where the ideas are coming from. There are many people out of 
> touch with the
> > history here.  It is easy to assume that people can identify 
> Turtle graphics
> > with Logo and there is no need for an explicit appreciation. 
> Just not true,
> > as of now, and with the intended audience.
> >
> > Let's play nice.
> Are you offering to write the history of turtle graphics for inclusion
> in turtle.py?

No. Not only I am unqualified to do so, I am uninterested in becoming qualified.  What the hell- say it;

The little  I have read from Papert sounds to me mostly like Genius Assertions.  I have a bug-up-my-ass
about Genius Assertions and when in the mood for unprovable truths I prefer to read populartizations of 
theoretical physicists' ideas.

But I do believe in the importance of certain Free Software ideas, becuase I have personally benefited 
from them.  Though I don't think there is a literal rule-book to follow, I think conscience should be one's 

In that context I don't think more than a demo type implementation should be part of Python's standard 
distribution without some way of including substantial attribution and I don't think in it self belongs in\
the standrad distribution.  

Publicize a pyLogo or a Xturtle, where proper and appropriate attribution can and I expect will be included 
with the distribution. And give them a way to run the install from IDLE.

The consensus is to the contrary. 

I have long since given up on being taken seriously on these matters.

My algorithmic skills don't justify it, apparently.


> Toby
> --
> Dr. Toby Donaldson
> School of Computing Science
> Simon Fraser University (Surrey)

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