[Edu-sig] IDLE wish (was Edu-sig Digest, Vol 31, Issue 16)

Vern Ceder vceder at canterburyschool.org
Fri Mar 3 17:49:58 CET 2006

Arthur wrote:

> Starting with:
> What is the importance of having your improved module part of the standard
> distribution? 

Teachers in many school situations don't even have control of what 
software is on the machines their students use. They need to request an 
installation from tech support. Or if they do have control, they don't 
have time to install multiple packages on 20-30 workstations. So having 
a minimally usable turtle implementation included in the standard 
library would be helpful to them. It's my understanding that this is why 
turtle.py is there in the first place. The problem is that its usability 
  is *too* minimal.

> Why isn't the cheeseshop - http://cheeseshop.python.org/pypi  - the
> appropriate place for results of your undertaking, as it is foe the results
> of every other Python application developer.

> Or is the substance of your response simply that I am in discussion with the
> Phone Company, have been put on hold, and am wasting my time in attempting
> to have a discussion on the merits.

I was asked submit the enhacements by Raymond Hettinger. I foolishly 
thought it might be good to ask for input on the nature of the 
improvements before doing so. If you want to have an argument about 
whethe turtle.py should be in the standard library at all, I would 
suggest you file a PEP or discuss it with the BDFL. It's far beyond me.

> Are you an appointed or self-appointed redactor of all that is Turtle in the
> world of Python?

Why, yes, I am actually... didn't you get the memo on that?


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