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ajsiegel at optonline.net schrieb:
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> From: Vern Ceder <vceder at canterburyschool.org>
>>I was asked submit the enhacements by Raymond Hettinger. I 
>>thought it might be good to ask for input on the nature of the 
>>improvements before doing so. If you want to have an argument 
>>whethe turtle.py should be in the standard library at all, I would 
>>suggest you file a PEP or discuss it with the BDFL. It's far 
>>beyond me.
> Just to be clearer, I have assumed that the turtle.py module in the standaerd library
> is exactly the turtle.py module that the BDFL had judged was appropriate for
> the standard library.  And I never had a problem with it.  It is appropriately minimal.
> IMO, a less minimal one is less appropriate.

This statement seems to me, at least to say, a bit arrogant. Did you 
ever use turtle.py in an educational setting? If so you surely had a 
different view! You knew, for instance, that it has a number of serious
bugs. Things like this you call "approriately minimal".
Might it be rewarding for you, to supplement your opinion about 
turtle.py with some practical experience?


> Do you think I am arguing to argue, or do you at least believe that I mean
> what I say. And for reasons that may be judged wrong,  but are not outlandish in
> any possible way.
> Which is why I think a PEP might be nice to see if there is anyone else out
> there who sees it as I do.
> Besides the fact that - before the issuance of the new memo I didn't get - that ,at least 
> arguably, would just represent adherence to SOP. 
> Art
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