[Edu-sig] Introducing classes

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> >> Any kind of comments would be appreciated, especially as I 
> >am thinking 
> >> of writing a rur-ple lesson using this approach :-) André 
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> >In sum, I think it's OK to teach the traditional 
> >read/imagine mode ONLY IF we acknowledge and respect the TV 
> >and audio modes they've learned from multi-media.  I am very 
> >much in favor of teaching multi-track editing as a part of 
> >regular schooling (lots about this in my blogs).

The difference in our sensitivities here has to do with the fact that I am
unwilling to forget that the media our kids are experiencing is as it is
only as a matter of market forces.  The classroom should be a haven, and a
respite and a counterforce.  And one way to communicate to kids that we are
somewhere else, is to turn off the TV.


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