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> >With free Google video streaming etc., more affordable 
> >equipment, it's ever more feasible for kids to author their 
> >own media, which is what my earlier cited blog post was in 
> >part about.

Having a son who has surprised me with his interest and aptitude in doing
this kind of thing - I can't completely disagree. One thing he showed me was
something he did taking stills of him and his friends and setting them to
music - a rap song.  Without going into details - it was very funny and well
executed. Off-color - and something he did for his and his friends'
amusement, not for school.

I didn't ask too many questions, but my impression was that the tool he used
was a blackmarket copy of Final Cut Pro. Because that I guess is what he was
taught to use, and obviously a student cannot hope to have access to a legal

So I will not fight you - with the proviso that the kids are not being
taught to use expensive proprietary tools.

Hopefully stimulating the imagination does not need to include stimulating
the criminal mind ;)


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