[Edu-sig] This in the mail

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Sun Mar 5 19:24:47 CET 2006

I got this in the mail today.   Any teachers need some?


Folks -

My company is looking to replace about 300 (!) 1U rack mount linux
boxes.  Anyone interested in them for either bulk purchase or for a
worthy charitable cause?

        1U chassis w/ 150W PSU
        Pentium 4 (some 2.4Ghz, some 2.8Ghz)
        Fairly standard desktop motherboard
        512MB RAM
        40GB ATA disk
        2x ethernet (some FE, some GE)
        No warranty, floppy drive, cd-rom, or anything else

The units are located in San Francisco, and if you're interested you
need to think about the logistics of getting them to where you want

- - Please - this information is *not* for public consumption.  If you
talk to someone else about them, don't mention the company name, just
refer them to me.
- - The machines are currently in active use on our grid... but there's
probably some duds in the group
- - Be aware that these servers are noisy(!) and power-hungry.

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