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> For my part, I've been musing on the animals we're seeing:  turtles on
> Python.  I'm into monkeys.  And Python's a snake (some say a comedy
> troupe, but I say "it ate Monty").
> I'm invited to a Shuttleworth Foundation gig in London in April to
> brainstorm on a proposed curriculum pipeline in South Africa that'd
> start 'em in Logo, move on to Squeak, thence to Python.  Lots of big
> names invited, plus me.
> Then I notice the Scheme folks might come and wonder if they're like
> the zookeepers. because, like, we have all these animals:  {Logo :
> turtle, Squeak : mouse, Python : snake}.  Now the Schemers show up,
> and plan a circus or something?  Anyway, interesting fantasy.

The Moose.  Where is Mr. J pre-digital Moose.  

His absence has me feeling persectued, again.
> My current interest is that Parrot avatar Jim Huginin demos in some of
> his IronPython previews.  He grabs it out of the Windows .DLLs and
> makes it squawk and fly, from the Python command line.  It's a cross
> between VPython and Looney Tunes (more flat than 3D).  I think this
> stuff has potential, in terms of scripting, in terms of girls even
> caring.
> There's a title on my bookshelf about the computer screen having a lot
> in common with the theater stage.  When you file in to a theater, take
> your seats in the rows, they hand you a Programme (no coincidence). 
> The playwright writes a script.

Digital, actually is cold.  And children are too sensitive not to perceive it as cold.

Anything we can actually pet around?

I'd feel better about it if I knew what problem, exactly, we were solving.

Or are we just riding tsunamis.


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