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kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 16:23:24 CET 2006

> For my taste, you are getting your rap down way too well.

Wait'll you hear the music that goes with it!  (I haven't yet either). ;-D

> For the record - I found it necessary to walk out of -  yes - a  Monty Python movie.

I had a lot of trouble with 'The Meaning of Life' when I saw it.  I
was already feeling dark, ended up feeling darker.

> Limbs were being severed, and people were laughing.  Wasn't in that kind of mood.

Hey, I understand.  I've found MP's stuff hilarious, other times I
just wasn't in the right frame of mind.

That's how it is with humor.  I'm not a fascist when it comes to
making others laugh (not even at my own jokes).

I like Ali G. quite a bit, when it comes to mentioning the talented
comedians of our day.

Paraphrasing from memory:

Ali to retired astronaut:  when youz came to the moon, what was the
reaction of the peoples there?

Astronaut:  What??  We never had any thought that the moon would be populated!

Ali:  do you think man will ever walk on the sun?

Astronaut (stifling incredulity):  No.

Ali G:  how about in winter, when the sun is cold?

His interview with Pat Buchanan -- I've watched it several times -- is
a riot.  Here's a blog entry with a link to QuickTime (still works,
just checked it):

http://worldgame.blogspot.com/2005/12/charter-school-approved.html  (clip).

> My sisters might think that the fact I couldn't sit through that at the time
> was a manifestation of mental imbalance.
> Trite stuff, your paragraph above, IMO.
> Art

S'OK.  The question seemed kinda trite too.  Fact is, we're gonna
explore some options.  Call it a tsunami, call it what you will. 
Don't care.

I don't see any high risk that these experiments in using Gnu Math to
make GUI TV will leave a lot of dead bodies in my wake (on the
contrary, more likely we'll attract geek girlz), so I'm gonna go for

Here's the *real* reason then:  because I *want* to.  And I'm not
asking you to laugh.


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