[Edu-sig] A Quick Puzzle

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 02:12:09 CET 2006

[kirby urner]
> Here's a quick puzzle, that'd make a good source of Python programs,
> or programs in other languages:
> Assume dogs live at 7 times the rate of a man, such that when a man
> ages but one year, the dog ages by 7....

That vaguely reminds me of a puzzle I enjoyed much as a kid:  on what
day will you be half as old as your father?  a third as old?  a
quarter as old?  three-quarters as old?  nine-tenths as old?  ... It's
a good way of showing that x/(x+d), for fixed positive d, approaches 1
from the left as x goes to infinity.  Unfortunately, my own father
died before I became twice as old as him ;-)

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