[Edu-sig] Python First: Free access for educators

Atanas Radenski radenski at chapman.edu
Wed Mar 8 14:44:30 CET 2006

I have published online a new 'Introduction to Computing with Python'
study pack. This 'Python First' digital pack is intended for students with
little or no prior programming experience.

This digital pack is all-in-one solution. Ten self-contained online
chapters consist of e-texts (66,000 words), 730 slides, 62 labs (36,000
words), 58 sample programs, and 10 quizzes (280 questions). An experienced
instructor can start teaching within minutes of logging on to
StudyPack.com for the first time.

If you are an educator and are interested in the potential of Python, you
can explore the 'Python First' digital pack at http://studypack.com/. To
gain free personal access, open an account and use enrollment key 31415.
More detailed instructions of how to enroll are posted here:

The following resources of interest to educators are available under the
main menu of http://studypack.com.

1. 'Python First' Features
	The 'Python First' pack is lab-based, paperless, and low-cost for
students. This is more than a book, a digital pack to support blended
courses for the net generation of students.

2. Student Surveys
	A recent student survey indicates that students like and prefer Python as
a first language. Students also perceive the online study pack as very
beneficial. Browse the posted survey results for details.

3. Questions and Answers
	How a Python study pack is supposed to be used to support a course?
Answers to this and other questions are provided in the Questions and
Answers resource.

4. A tuition-free summer workshop for educators
	A tuition-free Python workshop for educators will be held this June at
Chapman University in Orange, California.

Preliminary versions of the 'Python First' pack have been used by me and
my colleagues at Chapman University in California since 2004. The pack
will be used in other schools starting this fall.

I will be happy to answer any questions or provide additional information.


Atanas Radenski
mailto:radenski at chapman.edu      http://www.chapman.edu/~radenski/

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