[Edu-sig] Entering Squeakland

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 21:41:22 CET 2006

So McCarty, my supervisor @ Winterhaven, treasured faculty, talked me
through a demo dowload of Squeak to the Toshiba, as kids were settling
into their seats (projecter already running).  Now I have it open in
another tab, within FireFox.  Let's go see if the plug-in actually
works (didn't quite get to it, as class was starting)....

Got a mouse-on-wheels, Loading Project... (I passed on getting updates
this time)...

OK, Teds Ocean comes up, I beckon my wife, and she comes over to
watch.  "What about the car?"  That's what Tara's been up to,
programming a car (one of the eToys exercises).  We check another
canned example:  Stair.

Quite fun then, not just an applet as plugin, but I guess the whole
Squeak development environment, which is the 6.5 meg I downloaded. 
The browser simply wraps this deeper think tank with a friendly and
familiar out frame, one which conveniently connects me to worlds I'll
want to check out anyway.

OK, so now that's on the Toshiba.  Tara can show us about the car. 
And I can learn more about this teaching environment (I've been also
looking at the books).


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